Key Area One: Infant Nutrition

What is your child eating? Discussion with mother about the importance of healthy snacks and drinks.


Key discussion points:

  • Reinforce the continuation of breastfeeding – immunological effects, cognitive development, obesity & nutrition, bone density, dental, mother-child attachment, and effects on mother
  • No infant formula after 12 months
  • Cup feeding
  • Drinks for toddlers
  • Healthy snacks, family foods, fussy eating

Key Area Two: Your Baby and Physical Activity

Toddler playtime: Discuss toddler behaviour with mothers placing an emphasis on playtime and activity. Helping mothers understand toddlers need lots of activity, several hours a day. The more they move the more confident and independent they become.

Key discussion points:

  • Child development (motor skills, emotional, social, and language)
  • Physical activity guidelines
  • Planned play
  • Unplanned play
  • Providing play areas
  • Toddler independence
  • Screen time

Key Area Three: Your Physical Activity and Nutrition

Postnatal physical activity: Encouraging mothers with their physical activity and reaching goals

Key discussion points:

  • Benefits of family physical activity
  • Stages of change
  • Enablers and barriers to physical activity
  • Goals
  • Ideas for being active as a family

Nutrition for adults: Discuss the importance of healthy meal preparation for the family.

Key discussion points:

  • Incorporating fruit and vegetables into your diet
  • What to drink
  • Recipe tips and ideas

Key Area Four: Social Support

Social support


Key discussion points:

  • Toddler behaviour