Key Area One: Infant Nutrition

Breastfeeding: Encourage and support exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and to continue breastfeeding to 12 months and beyond.

Key discussion points:

  • Health benefits of breastfeeding
  • Strategies to address barriers associated with breastfeeding
  • What to expect in hospital when your baby is born.

Key Area Two: Your baby and physical activity

Tummy Time: Differentiate between tummy time and SIDS guidelines.

Key discussion points:

  • Why tummy time for play
  • When and how long should tummy time be.

Key Area Three: Your physical activity and nutrition

Exercise during pregnancy

Key discussion points:

  • Exercise and sport before and during pregnancy
  • The benefits of exercise while pregnant
  • Activities during pregnancy
  • Abdominal exercise
  • Pelvic floor exercise.

Key Area Four: Social Support

Relationship with family in pregnancy

Key discussion points:

  • Relationships with partner, family and friends whilst pregnant.